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If your relationship is not what you want it to be, perhaps because of frequent arguments, not enough enjoyable time together, growing apart, trust issues or lack of intimacy and friendship, then you have come to the right place.
At the Bath Couples Therapy Practice, you are offered a bespoke evidence-based therapy plan employing some of the most well-researched and sophisticated methods to overcome relationship distress, and revive friendship and love for each other.
It is based on over 40 years of research on what makes and breaks relationship, and importantly, what therapy methods can reliably make a difference.

More about Couples Therapy What brings people to therapy

If you are in a relationship and need help but your partner is not willing or ready to come, a focus of Individual Relationship Therapy could be to increase your understanding of what is happening to you and your partner, and how to cope with difficulties. While being mindful of the limits to what can be achieved with only one partner present, we can also explore ways of managing the ongoing issues in your relationship.

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Friendship, passion and love are the beautiful foundations of happy relationships. In Positive Couples Therapy you will learn about how to keep these foundations alive and thriving for the long haul. Guided by research, we will develop a bespoke plan of relationship enhancing strategies to support your long-term happiness as a couple.

Positive Couples Therapy can also help if you are approaching or are in a middle of a major life transition, such as starting a family, having financial difficulties or a major change in your caring or work responsibilities? Such important events can cause stress and pose challenges to your relationship. In therapy we will devise a support plan based on research where applicable, and explore and practice ways to address concurrent or anticipated issues which may affect your relationship.

Depending on your wishes and needs, this therapy can be carried out in one or a couple of sessions, or in a flexible book-as-you-need agreement.
Finding and forging a loving and long-lasting relationship is one of the most difficult and important things we do in life.

The good news is that even if you have had little experience of dating so far, a history of relationship break-ups, been frustrated by shyness or hindered by other personal psychological issues, there are many ways to turn things around to improve your chances to find a partner and form a romantic relationship.

The scope of this therapy is flexible and can include help working on how to find a suitable partner, navigating the myriad of online dating services, exploring ways to overcome any psychological or historical relationship issues and coaching you through the first weeks or months of an early relationship to support your success.

The Bath Couples   Therapy Practice
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Most therapists are generalists working with a large range of psychological needs of which couples therapy is only one.

As a specialist and doctor in Clinical Psychology, all my work hours and studies are devoted to making relationships work and thrive.
  • Nobody is born knowing how to create and maintain a happy intimate relationship. It is a learned skill. Love and good intentions are alas not always enough to overcome challenges to happiness.


Whenever possible, I make use of therapy methods that have been shown in research to lead to successful outcomes for couples. Approaches employed include two of the most recognised and well-researched, the Gottman Method and Professor Baucom's Cognitive-Behavioural Couples Therapy.
  • Several meta-analyses and major reviews have confirmed the efficacy of BCT and CBCT [Couples Therapies] across trials in the United States, Europe, and Australia... (Fischer et al., 2016)

Clinical Psychol­ogist

As a senior Chartered Clinical Psychologist, I have expertise in helping people with a wide range of needs, and in making use of and tailoring a range of different therapy approaches in order to tackle couple issues that sometimes are both complex and unique.

By making use of my service, you will benefit from the reassurance of my membership of one of the largest professional and regulatory body of therapists, the British Psychological Society.

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Saturdays & late evenings

I understand that it is not always easy to find the time to attend therapy during regular working hours.

To make it easier for you, I offer Saturday and late evening appointments, as well as online provision of therapy.

For your convenience, you can also book and cancel appointments at any time (without the need to call us) on my 24/7 online calendar.

Matters successfully
addressed in therapy

  • altercations
  • constant criticism
  • passionlessness
  • infidelity
  • growing apart
  • coldness
  • lack of understanding
  • loss of trust
  • stopped talking
  • stonewalling